LINQM has new web-based platforms and applications that have created an opportunity to reach larger audiences quickly and effectively. We assertively headhunt top talent utilizing professional technical networking platforms/channels. We have a strategic approach with search engines to find and reach out to larger audiences attracting the typically higher caliber passively seeking candidates in the market we are sourcing. We provide a full range of recruitment services from start-up to Fortune 500 companies, helping with contractor roles all the way to the perfect direct hire candidate. We have a rare unique set up at LINQM where our high executives are hands on through out the process to make sure you are getting every need met. We would love to help with “linqing” you with your perfect talent that fits not only the job role, but also your company culture. LINQM takes a consultative approach that is built around the Company Culture, Company Structure, and Growth Initiatives for the Company. We understand the market conditions continue to change with our clients and we work for you and adapt to your hiring model. Let us help you.

“Aaron and Linqm continue to be of great value to me and my organization. Having access to such a tremendously knowledgeable & resourceful individual means you'll have the peace of mind knowing they'll deliver only the best...We’ve yet to stump them. We highly recommend using Aaron and Linqm for their recruiting and hiring expertise.” Chris G.- SaaS and Consulting Company CEO.