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As a professional, we respect that your number one priority is to find a position that not only fits your skills and salary requirements, but also your personality. We want you to love where you work, regardless of whether you’re seeking contract or direct hire employment. That’s why we identify open positions that fit your list of criteria, and we stand by you through the application, interview and on-boarding processes, and then continue to foster our relationship with you through regular check-ins to uncover and address any needs.

Contact us below or click on the below links to see what immediate roles we have available.

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"Very highly recommend Aaron and LINQM - they find only the best people for the roles they are looking to fill, and they make sure to set up working relationships that benefit both the employer and the individual. Aaron and his team are extremely professional and really know what they're doing. But they are also very personable, helpful, friendly, and genuine...they definitely stand out as honest, genuinely caring, and truly out to help others..." Cheryl - Digital Commerce/Optimization


Line Of Business



Audit Tax


Data Entry

Administrative Services

Call Center

Customer Service



Sales Analysis

Case Manager

Social Media Coordinator

Account Manager

Systems Engineers


Web Designer

Web Developer

Program Manager

Project Coordinator

Business Analyst

Media Planner




Control Engineer

Cost Engineer

Design Engineer

Operations Manager

Warehouse Operator

Logistics Specialist

Material Handler


Quality Inspector


Director of Business

Systems Engineer


and many more!

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